Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Authority Spy has made a buzz prior to its launch this early February as the next powerful marketing tool. Is it a powerful application that Internet Marketers can earn from and scale or is it another hype that we'll soon regret investing in?


Authority Spy has claimed itself as the only tool of its kind available in the market today. It can be used for numerous things, like authority research (to find authority in your niche to partner with or to power up your link building strategy). Here are its main features:

  • Search for Authorities in your niche in less than 5 minutes
  • Gather all their websites and social media for you to follow and add
  • Scrape high PR websites (Authority Sites) for your SEO
  • All their websites in one place for you to easily connect with them or contact each of them.

Who is this for?

Authority Spy is for serious Internet Marketers who want to build relationships with other Internet Marketers, SEO consultants and those who want to gather all content in one place.

For Internet Marketers, Authority Spy is a powerful tool to power up your marketing by looking for potential JV Partners who are already "authorities" in their niche that might help you launch a big project or gain more subsrcibers.

Internet Marketers can also use this tool in order to tap into an already existing traffic through guest posting, blog commenting or other forms of online marketing.

Authority Spy is a powerful SEO tool because it helps you find Authority sites in any niche where you can post comments or write content as a guest to build links to your site.

Who is this not for?

Authority Spy is not for Internet Marketers who are not interested in making connections with other like-minded marketers under their niche. It is not for those who are not interested in creating backlinks from powerful sites.

Is it Scalable?

Authority Spy comes with a one-time only fee, which makes it scalable. Buy Authority Spy, pay for it once, search for authorities that you can link with and you're already saving hundreds of dollars in outsourcing high quality links. Using it to build business relationships or joint partnerships is priceless.


  • Its features are very straightforward
  • It's affordable for a one-time fee (other sites will offer you the same level of service for a monthly fee)
  • User friendly
  • Compatible with all Operating Systems (Adobe Air App)
  • Stable (with updates)


It should come with training videos on how to use it step-by-step for marketing. Some people are still not sure what they'd use it for, why they'd spend money to search for authority sites or people.


So far I'm satisfied with the features of the app in contrast with its price. The features outweigh the value of the price (which is affordable, really). I have used Manageflitter in the past, and its just for Twitter. No similar application could get you to get the same level of service with features this vast (can handle all major social media networks and websites, all in one place!). 

The only downside for me, as mentioned in the Cons section, is that they have not fully explained how powerful their tool is. They should consider adding more value to it by making an e-book as a bonus or training videos that they can use to show people how to gain leverage using Authority Spy to really power up both marketing and SEO.


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